3:16 Carnage Amongst The Stars

"Superb piece of battle-ready game design."-Ken Hite (Out of the Box)
"Out-Verhoeven's Verhoeven." - Robin D. Laws

This high-octane Science-Fiction role-playing game for 2 or more players has your Space Troopers killing bugs all across the Cosmos. You’ll advance in rank, improve your weapons, slay civilization after civilization and find out who you are through an innovative “Flashback” mechanic.

Terra’s plan is to kill every living thing in the Universe to protect the home world. See where your tour of duty in the 3:16th Expeditionary Force takes you and your friends. Revel in the kill-happy machismo and enjoy a campaign of Carnage Amongst The Stars.

Web: boxninja.com
ENnie Award Nominee (2009) Best Cover Art
Indie RPG Awards (2008): Game of the Year (2nd), Best Production (2nd), Most Innovative (3rd), Best Support (3rd)
Greywulf's Game of the Year (2008)
High Ronny Award (Oct 2006) for the 24 hour version.