Game Design Help

We help other designers produce games on our forum.

We take a particular approach to design, ours might not suit you, but it has proven to produce fun games that sell well (on a smallpress scale).

These guidelines will help when asking for assistance:

  • Do tell us what you want to achieve with the game. That way we can frame answers more usefully. 
  • Don't assume we know what you mean by Roleplaying Game or "the right way to play". 
  • Do, pick a particular aspect of your game you're having trouble with and ask for advice.
  • Don't just ask "what do you think of my game?" It's too vague and people tend not to respond in a way that will help your design.

We also know a bit about publishing and not losing your shirt. Ask us about:

  • Making a PDF to sell online.
  • Using print on demand to sell books
  • Editing, artwork, layout
  • Marketing your game cheaply