This section is for articles on game design, publishing and how to succeed as a smallpress.

Many of these are the collated wisdom of threads from the old forum that were too long to digest in that form.

Buying Art

Freelance artist Jon Hodgson explains the ins and outs of buying art for a roleplaying game.

Dealing with Disaster

Malcolm Craig discusses how to give good customer service in the face of adversity.

Hard Lessons about Publishing

Gregor Hutton asks fellow games designers about the hard lessons and the pitfalls of publication they have experienced.

One way to run your art department

Artist Jon Hodgson discusses how to run your art department, including dealing with freelance artists and commissioning artwork.

Small Press Publishing: Expected First Year Sales

Malcolm Craig looks at the kind of sales you might get with your self-published game, providing concrete figures achieved by members of the Collective Endeavour.

The Rules

Some quick pointers for getting the best out of the forums.

Top Ten Tips on Selling Your Game

A casual guide to the pros and cons of selling your game by Neil Gow.

UK Games Expo

Birmingham's best games convention